Welcome to the Thornfield Farm Store! 

Our online farm store is available only to members of our farm share program. The farm share program is the cornerstone of our farm, business, and community. Our members are like family. Members share the fruits of our labor, the ups-and-downs of our season, and have access to all parts of our farm. 

If you'd like to be a member of the farm share program you can "purchase" a membership here. Once you're a member you will begin to receive (if you don't already :) our weekly farm newsletters, you will be invited to our farm events, and perhaps most importantly you will have complete access to our online store and all of the farm-fresh food we have available.  

Here's how it works: 

  • Add the membership item to your cart, proceed to checkout and complete your account registration.

  • You can pay the membership fee online or in person at the market.

  • After we've received your payment, we'll put $225 of "store credit" into your farm share account.

  • Once we have reviewed your account you will have complete access to the online store and will be able to use to order your favorite farm-fresh food and merchandise throughout the year!

  • When you use up all of your store credit you can easily apply more funds to your account by purchasing "additional credit" here.

You choose:

  • How often you order (three times a week or once a month—anything goes)
  • What is in you delivery bag (no guilty turnips here), and
  • Where to pick up (we have three convenient farm stand locations in the Roanoke area).

All produce is harvested within 24 hours of delivery. 

Our summer season runs for 30 weeks, from the beginning of April through the end of November.

From December through March we have more limited winter offerings with Thursday pick up options for farm share members only. We do not have a full farm stands during the winter months, but farm share members have exclusive access to anything our greenhouses can produce during the chilly season.     

Our commitment to you is to provide the freshest, healthiest food we can grow delivered to your chosen pickup location all year long.

The initial cost of the program is $300. This includes a $75 fee for the farm and $225 worth of credits for you to use through our online store. You can increase your balance at any time with no extra fee.